Fairy’s diary

Last week I visited Zlatibor mountain, a little piece of heaven located in the south-western part of Serbia.

There is a beautiful story behind the name Zlatibor ( engl. Golden pine). The name came from a very special species of Scots pine (lat. Pinus sylvestris) Pinus sylvestris variegata Zlatiborica, and I must say what a pine. So graceful, upright with his mighty green branches, covered in snow like a pearl. I fell in love immediately. I could just stand there for the hours and admire its beauty. How can nature be perfect like that? Just amazing!!

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Unfortunately the  prevalence of the pine is reduced to the location of just one village called Negbini, and is now under the protection of the state. That is really  disheartening. What are we doing? Or worse, what are we not doing? How can we just sit in silence and watch it all go away? Nature gives us so much, and we’re not giving anything back, we’re not even saying “thank you”.

If we all want to continue enjoying these mesmerizing views, these captivating pictures we need to act. Really! We need to act fast! Save the great beauty, protect the wild diversity.

I pledge to be the voice of nature, I pledge to devote my life to protect it with all the little creatures living in the hollow spaces, and I invite you to do the same.

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.…I give my heart to nature!!

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p.s. I send out a very special thank you to Putuj X  organisation, and to our charming tour guide. Thank you for wonderful moments!!!


Winter wonderland

 I would like to tell you little something about me…

I’m a summer child, in love with the sea, sand under my feet and the smell of the old pine trees spreading their green crowns and waving at the blue sky. I’m in love with the warm hugs and gentle bruises sun is leaving on my skin. I’m in love with the summer nights, decorated with the most beautiful diamante stars. I’m in love with the grasshoppers music, and the vibrant motion of the living creatures. I’m in love with colors and the lightness of the summer life.

But, today is January. The colors, stars and the busy little creatures are hibernating, taking pleasure in their beauty sleep. Ohh, how I envy them, I must say… wake me up when winter ends.

The vast seas of green are dressed in the seas of white. The mountains are sleeping, and the skies have put away their jewelry stars under the clouds.The white coat has laid its crystals all over the trees and put to ease even the steamiest waters. Everything is quite and peaceful waiting for the sun to come closer and love us again.

But still, no matter what mother nature does, she does it impeccable. Her white dresses, are mesmerizing, looking all the same yet so different. The happiness saved in the white crystal threads is immeasurable. True masterpiece, created with the transient brushes on the most valuable canvas.






These magical pictures are taken on mountain Visočica, near Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) . A true beauty… as beautiful in the winter as in summer.

…psssst we should let her sleep… 🙂

The frozen beauty

Last week I visited Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Beautiful city, so full of life and culture. I enjoyed exploring Ljubljana, but there was another thing… I was intrigued with Slovenia’s nature, and Triglav was so close… So, a hike must had been done!

As I was short on time and equipment I picked an easy route to Črno lake.

Near the beginning of the trail lays the Savica waterfall. So I decided to see this beauty first.

Mesmerizing little waterfall, with steaming water falling from the rocky cliffs with water so pure and clean, and rocks so white like pearls. The bottom of this crystal fairytale was emerald-green.

Ohh! I could have stayed here for hours!



I guess water inspires me.

I continued my route to Črno lake, very curiously, excited to see what beauty awaited me. The route to the lake was very steep, and as climbed further breathtaking sights were revolving behind me.

View to Bohinjsko lake
View to magnificent peaks

Going further up my steeply route, I encountered snow, in all his beauty and excellence. So pure and white that I could recognize individual crystals, it brought all my childish happiness to life.



Few minutes after, I’ve reached my goal, and I was so surprised.

The lake was frozen!

Completely frozen!

Such a beauty, no camera in the world could capture. Amazed and afraid at the same time, I decided to get closer. The lake made such deep and terrifying noises, I felt like it was talking to me, telling me its sad story.






(…I imagined all the animals playing and ice skating around the lake at night, celebrating life…)

The beauty of nature is great. It never stops to surprise me. Thank you nature for giving us all these beautiful places in the world. Thank you for giving us Triglav, I hope one day to meet all of his peaks.

Maglić – the highest of them all

Maglić is the mountain with the highest peak  in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Veliki Vitao 2386). Placed on the border between Bosnia and Montenegro, Maglić represents an important fragment of the Dinaric mountain range.
A very big part of the mountain is covered with lively rainforest called Perućica. Filled with a huge variety of endemic species this rainforest is the oldest one of two remaining primeval forests in Europe.

There are different paths for Maglić, but I think we have chosen the most beautiful one. The path leads through scenic beech forests, which are homes for an endless variety of terrestrial plants, wildlife and most amazing little creatures.
We had an honor to meet two lovely frog families, while enjoying their pondly omes.
Going further, beech trees are slowly being replaced with tall, gracious, strong conifer trees with new families of wildlife and plants. At the end of the forestry path lays an extraordinary gift of nature. Beautiful, heart-shaped crystal lake hugged by very steep hill slopes.

A heart-shaped lake!!!


Trnovačko lake

Lake with crystal clear water, and this special blue-green colour called Trnovačko lake. Did I mention it is heart-shaped?

The whole surrounding of Trnovačko lake is truly magnificent. Strong, gracious, tall cliffs rising around the lake, guarding it with their whole majesty. A pearl hidden from the rest of the world.

The lake is the best place for camping, besides its indescribable beauty, his shores a very rich on mint tea, so it is a real paradise for body and soul.

The next day, we have continued our hike to the highest peak. The pathway goes on through picturesque scenes, from very crowded forest, over prairies to rocky areas. Maglić is the homeland of a very special plant called Lilium bosniacum (Bosnian lily), endemic plant of Dinaric mountains. We were lucky enough to admire its beauty, and capture this wonderful picture.

Lilium bosniacum

Climbing higher, the pictures of the most beautiful landscapes were lining up behind us all the way to the top, and they were just breathtaking.

Trnovačko lake sight
View from above
The view from the highest peak

From the summit of Maglić you can enjoy many amazing summit panoramas. Most beautiful view is to Trnovačko lake, but also you can admire the impressive beauty of wild peaks of Bioč range, and finally in the background  you can recognize the highest peaks of Durmitor mountain.

At the end of the day, we went back to our special spot by the lake, to drink our freshly picked organic mint tea, and lose ourselves in the endless sea of stars.

Zelengora – the fairest of them all

They say Zelengora is a wilderness of outstanding beauty, described as the most beautiful mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She (I’ve always thought of her as female) is covered with picturesque landscapes, mesmerizing forest, and crystal cold waters. Her indescribable attributes are glacial lakes, crystal ornaments hidden between the grand cliffs, one prettier than other. The wilderness of nature, and complete lack of modern civilization gives this mountain a special appeal.

Geologically, Zelengora range is a part of the Dinaric Alps, located in south-eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Great part of her beauty is under the protection of Sutjeska National Park, wich makes her even more attractive.

The highest peak is Bregoch with 2014 m.

Gornje Bare and Ugljesha’s peak

On the first day of our trip we visited Gornje Bare and Ugljsha’s peak. Little piece of heaven, truly. Within very steep and exposed hillsides, lays the constant interweaving of whetstones, forests and shelves of grass. The only wildlife residents you may find here are chamois and eagles, who very marvelously reign over the high cliffs.

…and just there, among all of this lays a pearl, lake, guarded by the magnificent mountain range.

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Lake Gornje Bare
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Reflection of the Tovarnica mountain in the lake

We proceeded our little hike, arrived at Ugljesha’s peak (1859m) and took a walk upon the great massive of Tovarnica Mountain,and we took a lot (a lot) of time to absorb and appreciate this gift of nature.

In the meantime, we have met this wonderful creature, taking pleasure in the view as well.

Ladybug enjoying the view from Ugljsha’s peak
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Walk on Tovarnica mountain

Yugo’s and Orlovachko lake

In the heart of Zelengora lays Orlovachko lake. Filled with different kinds of fish, surrounded with butterflies and flowers of all colours, beautiful green tress and plants representing the hotspot of biodiversity. It is the center of the mountain, crossroad for the remaining paths, a true oasis, peace for body and soul.

Just a few minutes from Orlovachko lake, lays the only artificial lake on the mountain called Yugo’s lake. It just captivates with its extraordinary beauty. The lake was created in the past century by a game warden Jusuf Yugo (and it was named after him). Nevertheless it is overflowing with life and contributes to the beauty of Zelengora.

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Yugo’s lake

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Unfortunately, two days are a short time to visit all the beauty Zelengora hides within, so I made a promise that I’ll be back.

If someday, you wander in Bosnia and Herzegovina, be sure to visit this majestic piece of art created by nature ( I suggest, at the end of the summer, when the wildlife is at its peak,  but don’t go in heels  😀 ).