High heels and peaks

Can you imagine the feeling of dirt between your fingertips, the smell of grass rising from the earth or the sound of the cold mountain waters storming trough the cliffs?  Can you see the mesmerizing grace that hides in all the corners of the forests? Can you just let yourself and go?

Well, I’d like to show you the beauty that lies beyond…

Welcome to my blog 🙂

Traveling is always fun, exciting, uplifting and inspiring. It gives me a great pleasure to see the beauty of nature, appreciate history, people, culture but most of all, appreciate life a little more.

I truly believe in the inspiring magic locked in every corner, every detail in the universe. We all live in a wonderfull world full of charm, beauty and adventures. The important thing is to seek for it with our eyes open.

I also believe that pictures are worth more than thousand words, a feeling frozen in time. Therefore, I’d like to share with you my photo journey of inspirations and discoveries.

“We wander  for distraction but we travel for fulfillment”

Hilaire Belloc

To find more about me and my adventures, feel free to follow me on instagram or conact me via sinanovic980@gmail.com .


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