Winter wonderland

 I would like to tell you little something about me…

I’m a summer child, in love with the sea, sand under my feet and the smell of the old pine trees spreading their green crowns and waving at the blue sky. I’m in love with the warm hugs and gentle bruises sun is leaving on my skin. I’m in love with the summer nights, decorated with the most beautiful diamante stars. I’m in love with the grasshoppers music, and the vibrant motion of the living creatures. I’m in love with colors and the lightness of the summer life.

But, today is January. The colors, stars and the busy little creatures are hibernating, taking pleasure in their beauty sleep. Ohh, how I envy them, I must say… wake me up when winter ends.

The vast seas of green are dressed in the seas of white. The mountains are sleeping, and the skies have put away their jewelry stars under the clouds.The white coat has laid its crystals all over the trees and put to ease even the steamiest waters. Everything is quite and peaceful waiting for the sun to come closer and love us again.

But still, no matter what mother nature does, she does it impeccable. Her white dresses, are mesmerizing, looking all the same yet so different. The happiness saved in the white crystal threads is immeasurable. True masterpiece, created with the transient brushes on the most valuable canvas.






These magical pictures are taken on mountain Visočica, near Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) . A true beauty… as beautiful in the winter as in summer.

…psssst we should let her sleep… 🙂


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