The frozen beauty

Last week I visited Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Beautiful city, so full of life and culture. I enjoyed exploring Ljubljana, but there was another thing… I was intrigued with Slovenia’s nature, and Triglav was so close… So, a hike must had been done!

As I was short on time and equipment I picked an easy route to Črno lake.

Near the beginning of the trail lays the Savica waterfall. So I decided to see this beauty first.

Mesmerizing little waterfall, with steaming water falling from the rocky cliffs with water so pure and clean, and rocks so white like pearls. The bottom of this crystal fairytale was emerald-green.

Ohh! I could have stayed here for hours!



I guess water inspires me.

I continued my route to Črno lake, very curiously, excited to see what beauty awaited me. The route to the lake was very steep, and as climbed further breathtaking sights were revolving behind me.

View to Bohinjsko lake
View to magnificent peaks

Going further up my steeply route, I encountered snow, in all his beauty and excellence. So pure and white that I could recognize individual crystals, it brought all my childish happiness to life.



Few minutes after, I’ve reached my goal, and I was so surprised.

The lake was frozen!

Completely frozen!

Such a beauty, no camera in the world could capture. Amazed and afraid at the same time, I decided to get closer. The lake made such deep and terrifying noises, I felt like it was talking to me, telling me its sad story.






(…I imagined all the animals playing and ice skating around the lake at night, celebrating life…)

The beauty of nature is great. It never stops to surprise me. Thank you nature for giving us all these beautiful places in the world. Thank you for giving us Triglav, I hope one day to meet all of his peaks.


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