Zelengora – the fairest of them all

They say Zelengora is a wilderness of outstanding beauty, described as the most beautiful mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She (I’ve always thought of her as female) is covered with picturesque landscapes, mesmerizing forest, and crystal cold waters. Her indescribable attributes are glacial lakes, crystal ornaments hidden between the grand cliffs, one prettier than other. The wilderness of nature, and complete lack of modern civilization gives this mountain a special appeal.

Geologically, Zelengora range is a part of the Dinaric Alps, located in south-eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Great part of her beauty is under the protection of Sutjeska National Park, wich makes her even more attractive.

The highest peak is Bregoch with 2014 m.

Gornje Bare and Ugljesha’s peak

On the first day of our trip we visited Gornje Bare and Ugljsha’s peak. Little piece of heaven, truly. Within very steep and exposed hillsides, lays the constant interweaving of whetstones, forests and shelves of grass. The only wildlife residents you may find here are chamois and eagles, who very marvelously reign over the high cliffs.

…and just there, among all of this lays a pearl, lake, guarded by the magnificent mountain range.

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Lake Gornje Bare
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Reflection of the Tovarnica mountain in the lake

We proceeded our little hike, arrived at Ugljesha’s peak (1859m) and took a walk upon the great massive of Tovarnica Mountain,and we took a lot (a lot) of time to absorb and appreciate this gift of nature.

In the meantime, we have met this wonderful creature, taking pleasure in the view as well.

Ladybug enjoying the view from Ugljsha’s peak
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Walk on Tovarnica mountain

Yugo’s and Orlovachko lake

In the heart of Zelengora lays Orlovachko lake. Filled with different kinds of fish, surrounded with butterflies and flowers of all colours, beautiful green tress and plants representing the hotspot of biodiversity. It is the center of the mountain, crossroad for the remaining paths, a true oasis, peace for body and soul.

Just a few minutes from Orlovachko lake, lays the only artificial lake on the mountain called Yugo’s lake. It just captivates with its extraordinary beauty. The lake was created in the past century by a game warden Jusuf Yugo (and it was named after him). Nevertheless it is overflowing with life and contributes to the beauty of Zelengora.

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Yugo’s lake

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Unfortunately, two days are a short time to visit all the beauty Zelengora hides within, so I made a promise that I’ll be back.

If someday, you wander in Bosnia and Herzegovina, be sure to visit this majestic piece of art created by nature ( I suggest, at the end of the summer, when the wildlife is at its peak,  but don’t go in heels  😀 ).


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